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Tom Ferry’s 8 Levels of Performance

Everybody in real estate wants to reach the “next level,” but until Tom Ferry, no one had ever defined what that means – or how to get there.

That’s why Tom created the 8 Levels of Performance – to bring extreme clarity to what it takes to “level up” your business. After an initial assessment, our expert coaches will meet you where you’re at – and show you exactly what to do to advance to where you want to be.

All the while, the 8 Levels of Performance act as a framework to guide you through your career – from a brand-new agent, to gaining momentum, to a veteran growing a team, to eventually exiting the business successfully.

Build Foundations

Level 1

Expand Market

Level 2

Gain Consistency

Level 3

Delegate Work

Level 4

Grow Team

Level 5

Maximize Production

Level 6

Multiply Profits

Level 7

Exit Business

Level 8

How Coaching Works
Discover A Better Way Of Doing Business

Our full-service coaching programs extend far beyond talking with your coach.


You’ll also receive access to:

  • Private mastermind groups to pick the brains of top-producing agents

  • The Resource Library, packed with ready-to-use scripts, marketing pieces and more

  • Exclusive members-only events and discounts to all Tom Ferry events

  • Our proprietary illūm coaching platform to track your activity, send and receive referrals, video role playscripts and much more!

Choose Your Plan
Discover Our Coaching Programs


Starting at $749/month

What do you do inconsistently that would propel your business forward if you were able to do more consistently? In essence, that’s the idea on which we built our base-level Core coaching program. Core coaching helps solve for your biggest challenges as a solo entrepreneur such as prioritization, time management, prospecting, and lead generation. Twice-monthly coaching sessions hold you accountable while event discounts, access to our comprehensive Resource Library and membership in the Core mastermind group accelerate your learning curve.

  • (2) 30-minute private coaching sessions/ month

  • Recorded Coaching Sessions

  • Advantage Program

  • Specialized Support Teams

  • Team Roster / Management

  • Exclusive Member-Only Community Group

  • Event Discounts

  • Coaching Mastermind Group(s)


Starting at $1,299/month

Solo agents who are serious about success and committed to a rapid ascent choose Elite coaching for all the same reasons people join Core – but just want to get there faster. Elite coaching members benefit from 48 annual coaching sessions, free admission to all Tom Ferry events including the exclusive “Elite Retreat,” unlimited access to our Resource Library and membership in both the Core and Elite mastermind groups. If you’re sick of waiting for success, Elite will help you make it happen.

  • (4) 30-minute private coaching sessions/month

  • Recorded Coaching Sessions

  • Advantage Program

  • Specialized Support Teams

  • Team Roster/Management

  • Exclusive Elite+ Community Group

  • FREE Elite Retreat Private Event

  • FREE Admission to All Tom Ferry Events

  • Coaching Mastermind Group(s)

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