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Coach Danny Macedo

Danny Macedo is a coach, trainer, and speaker for Tom Ferry International, the world’s leading real estate coaching program. His powerful sessions prepare professionals with the tools to stay competitive and successful.

His areas of expertise include active and passive lead generation, lead nurturing, social media strategy, digital marketing, and using current business trends to one’s advantage. He has assisted thousands of professional realtors create powerful marketing campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google. While readying them to utilize the ever-changing marketing tools of today.

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  • Who is Tom Ferry and Ferry International?
    Tom Ferry is the #1 ranked Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200, was named as a 2023 Inman “Power Player,” and the best-selling author of “Life! By Design” and “Mindset, Model and Marketing!” As founder and CEO of Ferry International, the real estate industry’s leading coaching and training company, Tom’s ever-growing influence impacts professionals in a wide variety of ways – including rigorous accountability coaching, his popular YouTube channel delivering fresh and relevant real estate tips weekly, highly engaging training events, two best-selling books, and his legendary keynote speeches. Tom has more than 35,000 hours of coaching experience and works daily to help agents and brokers grow a prosperous business while simultaneously balancing — and loving — their personal lives. He is also a highly sought-after and renowned speaker whose charisma and personality have captivated audiences around the world. Tom’s love and passion for life is fueled by a commitment to discipline and holding professionals accountable to fulfill their greatness.
  • What are the Ferry International CORE VALUES for Coaching?
    Our mission is to hold professionals accountable to fulfill their greatness. Our core values are to strive for greatness, embrace innovation, build and maintain trust, deliver value, and execute with relentless discipline. We will work together to set up the schedule, systems, support, and standards you need for a profitable business.
  • What are your qualifications as a Tom Ferry Business Coach?
    Let me start by saying that the spotlight here isn't on my journey or my milestones of success. My primary role is to guarantee that YOU receive a stellar coaching experience, enabling us to propel YOUR business to greater heights. As a potential client, our focus would lie on your objectives and aspirations, rather than getting caught up in my personal accomplishments, educational background, and experiences. However, I recognize your interest in understanding the qualifications of your potential coach. So, it's worth noting that I bring to the table substantial experience in guiding others towards professional brilliance. With 27 years of experience as a Real Estate Agent under my belt, working with a leading nationwide franchise, I've had the privilege of mentoring numerous agents on their journey of starting, nurturing, and dramatically expanding their businesses. Besides my coaching role, I continue to stay actively involved in the real estate business. This allows me to stay updated, relevant, and well-informed in this dynamic industry. Being a coach with Tom Ferry International also means that I am part of the program myself, receiving coaching from another professional. This requirement ensures uniformity and relevance across all our coaching strategies. Over the years, I've successfully conducted over 20,000+ individual coaching sessions. Rest assured, my commitment to your growth and success remains unswerving.
  • What is your personal "coaching style"?
    PROFOUNDLY FLEXIBLE. Having conducted over 20,000 coaching sessions with professional real estate agents, a key insight I've gleaned is the uniqueness of each individual's career path. There are generally five central coaching styles: Autocratic, Holistic, Inspirational, Solution-Oriented, and Mindset. My coaching style is tailored to match your current stage, and from there, we'll construct a plan based on your specific needs and aspirations. The Tom Ferry coaching experience decidedly veers away from a one-size-fits-all approach. We recognize that there are four primary personality styles: Driver, Analytic, Expressive, and Amiable. With my existing coaching clients, I tend to exhibit a blend of Driver, Analytic, and Expressive traits. Our coaching roadmap will be defined during your onboarding call once you've been assigned to me. During this call, I will evaluate your assessment and formulate a forward-moving strategy that best caters to YOUR needs and primary style(s).
  • What is your favorite quotes?
    "My AM hours are for building my business... and my PM hours are for taking care of my business." "Sempre Para Frente" (Always Moving Forword) -Coach Danny Macedo
  • What is "Exactly What To Say" Certification and why is it important to me as a real estate coaching client?
    I've gone the extra mile to become proficient in the linguistics of the real estate industry! Truly impactful communication in this field requires mastery of WHAT to SAY, HOW to articulate it, and WHEN to make your point. Let me guide you on a journey to unlock the potential of strategic verbal communication in your real estate endeavors.
  • Can you teach me about SOCIAL MEDIA to get more Sellers and Buyers?
    Absolutely! I am fully equipped to assist you in building a powerful social media presence, harnessing the potential of platforms such as Facebook, Facebook Business, Instagram, Instagram Reels and Stories, Twitter, YouTube, YouTube Shorts, and LinkedIn. I can help you leverage these social media channels as an extra pillar for generating leads, thereby boosting your sales and listing lead generation.
  • Is real estate business coaching worth the money?
    Absolutely, investing in real estate business coaching can be extremely worthwhile, particularly if you're looking to elevate your business to new heights. Here's why: 1. **Expert Guidance:** A seasoned real estate business coach provides experienced and knowledgeable insights that can help you navigate the complexities of the real estate industry. They can help you avoid common pitfalls and maximize your opportunities, saving you time and potentially costly mistakes. 2. **Accountability:** Having a coach gives you an accountability partner who keeps you on track towards achieving your goals. This can be instrumental in ensuring you maintain progress and don't lose sight of your objectives. 3. **Skill Development:** A good coach can help you improve vital skills such as negotiation, sales techniques, customer relationship management, and more. These enhanced skills can lead to improved performance and increased sales. 4. **Tailored Strategies:** Every real estate market and business is unique. A coach can provide personalized strategies and advice that cater to your specific situation, helping you gain a competitive edge. 5. **Emotional Support:** The real estate business can be challenging and sometimes stressful. A coach can offer emotional support and encouragement, helping you maintain your motivation and confidence. 6. **Growth and Profitability:** With the right strategies, techniques, and mindset that a coach can provide, you are likely to see growth in your business and an increase in profitability which can easily cover the cost of the coaching itself. Remember, like any investment, the value you get from real estate business coaching depends on your commitment to applying what you learn and making the most of the resources and advice provided.
  • How can I find out more about all the different Tom Ferry coaching PROGRAMS and PLANS?
    Follow this link Our Programs - 8 Levels Of Performance - Tom Ferry Then...when ready click they Sign Up
  • I'm ready to go. How do I sign up for coaching with Coach Danny Macedo?
    Simply CLICK HERE
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Hire Danny for personalized one on one business coaching, exclusively through

Tom Ferry International coaching.

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"Coach Danny is able to pull or push the best in you in order for you to succeed! I wish I would have done this day one. This is the best investment in yourself and if your future."

William Lew, BC

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"Danny is an amazing coach, he has a natural ability to inspire and teach us the values and skills needed to become top agents. He always has something new to teach us and reminds us of the things that matter most in creating a business that continues to excel. we are forever grateful for him!"
"...I have only good things to say about Danny. First Danny is always available to me, he really listen, he encourage me. I really feel that he wants my best interest. I don't know what I would have done without coaching during the pandemic..."

Dawn Carbol, BC

Pilon Veilleux Team, QC

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