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Hire Danny for personalized one on one business coaching, exclusively through

Tom Ferry International coaching.

"Coach Danny is able to pull or push the best in you in order for you to succeed! I wish I would have done this day one. This is the best investment in yourself and if your future."

William Lew, BC

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"Danny is a great coach and mentor. He provides the right tools for anyone to scale achieve their goals."

Daniel Belchior, ON

"...I have only good things to say about Danny. First Danny is always available to me, he really listen, he encourage me. I really feel that he wants my best interest. I don't know what I would have done without coaching during the pandemic..."

Pilon Veilleux Team, QC

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Danny Macedo

Danny Macedo is a coach, trainer, and speaker for Tom Ferry International, the world’s leading real estate coaching program. His powerful sessions prepare professionals with the tools to stay competitive and successful.

His areas of expertise include active and passive lead generation, lead nurturing, social media strategy, digital marketing, and using current business trends to one’s advantage. He has assisted thousands of professional realtors create powerful marketing campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google. While readying them to utilize the ever-changing marketing tools of today.

Our mission is simple:

“Hold Professionals Accountable to Fulfill Their Greatness”

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